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What file format and sizing are needed when submitting artwork for static billboards?

How do I submit artwork for digital billboards?

Do I need to provide artwork for our billboard?

Barnes Advertising’s creative team is equipped with skills & years of experience. All we need from you is your company’s high resolution logo & your “why?” (or reason for advertising). The best part… It's FREE! And you have the opportunity to change your creative every 60 days. Take advantage of our FREE service & let our dynamic creative team design something for your next campaign.

How many points of contact does my billboard need?

A billboard should include ONE point of contact.
Points of contact can include a website, a phone number or a general location:
Website: A website should not include any “https://” or “www.” With smartphones these days, there’s really no need to type out the whole website & Google can usually direct you in the right direction if something is spelled wrong. Remember, the LESS WORDS the BETTER as we don’t want the message to get lost in a sea of verbiage.
*Example of an acceptable website:
Phone Number: A phone number should include 10 numbers:the 3 digit Area code & the 7 numbers of the phone number.
*Examples of acceptable phone numbers: (for Barnes Advertising) 740-453-6836 or 740.453.6836
General Location: As smart phones are now the primary GPS of the General public, a whole address is no longer necessary. Again, Remember, the less words the better!
*Examples of acceptable General Locations: (for Barnes Advertising) Zanesville or Fairview Rd

How can I pay my bill?

We currently accept payment via check, ACH Payment, and Credit Card Payment (in-person or through the Online Payment Portal with processing fees 3% + 30¢ per transaction). Please send a Remittance Advice or Payment Notification with the invoice number you would like to apply the payment as well as the check or payment number.

How can I receive my invoice?

Invoices can be mailed or emailed. Please provide the address/email address you wish to have the invoices sent.

Billing for Space/Rent varies depending on location. Our current billing cycle by market is as follows:

  • Newark & Zanesville billing on the 1st
  • Athens, Cambridge, & New Lexington billing on the 5th
  • Logan & Coshocton billing on the 10th
  • New Philadelphia/Dover & Carrollton billing on the 15th
  • McConnelsville & Mount Vernon billing on the 20th

Billing for Production/ ArtWork change is processed every Friday.

Sign Shop Billing is processed every Monday.

What markets do you serve?

Our current markets include:

  • Athens County - Traditional Only
  • Carrollton County - Traditional Only
  • Coshocton County - Traditional Only
  • Delaware County - Traditional Only
  • Fairfield County - Traditional Only
  • Guernsey County - Traditional Only
  • Hocking County - Traditional Only
  • Knox County - Traditional Only
  • Licking County - Traditional and Digital
  • Muskingum County - Traditional and Digital
  • Noble County - Traditional Only
  • Perry County - Traditional Only
  • Stark County - Traditional Only
  • Tuscarawas County - Traditional and Digital
  • Washington County - Traditional Only

What does it cost?

For pricing please contact us at (740) 453-6836 or fill out our “Message Us” form to be connected with one of our account executives.

Need to report an issue?

Please call our office at (740) 453-6836.

Other questions?

Any other questions please contact the Front Office at (740) 453-6836 or email us at

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